Monday, July 19, 2010

Five Boxes Update!

As promised in this post, here is an update on the contents of my five little boxes.

Box #1:
Pattern: X-Rated (Schnibbles Pattern - Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.)
Fabric: Verna by Moda

Here's a glimpse at my entry for the Schnibbles contest at one of my favorite local quilt shops, Bear Paws and Hollyhocks. I'm really pleased with how this quilt is coming along -- especially since it was a 2:00AM revelation!  I've called my version of this quilt Airy X's as I replaced a number of the X-blocks with embroidered X's.  I had a little difficult with how to orient my embroidered X -- and unfortunately didn't catch the problem until I had incorrectly finished ... and cut ... several X's.  Now that I've fixed the problem and finally finished the 9 embroidered blocks, the quilt is flying together -- probably because Miss Rosie's Schnibbles patterns are a cinch to follow!  If you don't have it already, I highly recommend her latest book!

I have at least four more quilts planned from it!

Box #2:
Pattern: Cherish (Poplun Patterns)
Fabric: Cherish Nature by Moda

With my In the Jungle pattern finished and the quilt gifted, Cherish is next up to bat after Schnibbles.  The fabric has been cut and is currently residing in little ziplock baggies, so here's a sneak peek at the center panel.  It'll be surrounded by a round of squares, and then another round of diamonds.

Box #3:
Pattern: Country Inn (McCalls Quilting Magazine, May/June 2010)
Fabric: Sophia by Karen Neuburger for Quilting Treasures

I started this quilt back in April with some of the fabric I picked up on the spring Renegade Run Shop Hop.

I love how classic and home-y the quilt looks, but wanted to make a version of it for my own home using more modern prints.  The color scheme in my living room is currently teal, chocolate brown, and tan.  I'm planning on using the same tan and a purpley-grey in our guest room, which is right off of the living, so this quilt can be used in either room, and will help to tie them together.  Here are a couple of the stars:

As this quilt isn't a gift, and therefore has no deadline to finish, it's quickly becoming the project that I work on for a few minutes when I need a break from something else.  I'm hoping to have the quilt finished this fall, right in time for snuggling when the weather starts to turn!

Box #4:
Pattern: Candy Stripes Table Runner (Poplun Patterns)
Fabric: Northern Solitude by Moda

I finished the pattern for this table runner last year using Moda's A Little Romance Fabric line.  Unfortunately, I wasn't totally thrilled with the color scheme, once it was finished.  The white background really made the purples, pinks and greens of that line look neon, rather than soft and romantic.

Before releasing the pattern, I decided to make it in a second colorway, using the leftover fabric from the quilt I made my grandmother for her 94th birthday, last January.  I'm much happier with the second color line.  I have a few triangles left to iron and to attach to the border, and then the pattern will be available in my etsy shop.  For now, here's a shot at the center panel:

Box #5 ... is empty ... GASP!  It's just asking for a new project now that In the Jungle is finished!  Huhhhhh. :)

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