5 Little Boxes

Fabric Line: TBD
Pattern: Can't wait to find out what May's pattern is!

Fabric Line: California Girl by Fig Tree & Co for Moda - Love it!
Pattern: Jewel Starss - pattern is available through our Flickr Group!

Fabric Line:  Sew Much Love by Diane Knott for Clothworks Textitles
Pattern: #0909 - Spring Has Sprung by Poplun Designs

This one is so close to being done ... except that my quilter {ME!} made a bit of a mistake in the quilting pattern and it is taking FUH-EVA to pick apart!

Fabric Line: {mostly} Garden Song by Nancy Halvorsen for Benartex Inc
Pattern: Southern Belle Quilt (#1203) by Poplun Patterns {available soon}

Yup - I loved the wallhanging version soooo much, I'm making a full sized version.  Can't wait to start cutting!!

Fabric Line: Flurry  by Kate Spain for Moda Fabrics
Pattern: Swoon from Thimble Blossoms

It is freakin' amazing how crazy popular this quilt pattern is!  Beautiful job Camille!

I've joined the Swoon Along  (details here) and am planning on making a Christmas version of this quilt for my family to snuggle under later this year.  So far, my plans are to make a GIANT 4 x 4 block version of the quilt using solid red sashing, and possibly a quilt-as-you-go technique to make the whole thing manageable.

Here are my first four blocks.  Hoping to have more of a mosaic soon!

"Little boxes, on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky tacky, little boxes on the hillside, little boxes all the same."  Ok - back in July of 2010 when I instated my Five Box Policy, I was a little obsessed with Weeds on Netflix.  Here's how the whole thing started!

My sewing studio has been literally littered with different projects in various stages of completion for months now-- which explains why fabric keeps coming in ... but not being busted!!  

If you've been following my blog or know me from our sewing groups, you know that I have quilting ADD and that I adore starting new projects.  I'm not sure why, but when a new idea pops in my head, I have the tendency to drop whatever I'm working on to start the new stuff.  Lately, instead of packing away the works in progress (i.e., labeling the cuts and storing them in plastic bags, making a note of the inspiration or the pattern I'm following, and where I stopped or was at least planning on going ... etc), I've just left everything out on my table and started the new project right on top.

However, now that I've been done this several times, the resulting "mountain" is starting to become a bit of a problem.  I can only imagine if a volcano erupted tomorrow and buried my house in ash, what the poor archaeologist who discovered the remains of my studio in 1,000 years would say about the layers upon layers of fabric he would unearth.  Luckily for me, there are no active volcanoes in Sacramento. :)

To try and keep things from going down this path again, I enacted the Poplun 5 Box Policy.  The rule is that a new project can only be started if there is an empty box in the table to put it in.  If there isn't an empty box, then I'll have to finish a project or take the time to permanently side-line it in order to make room.  So, this page is dedicated to what's currently in my little boxes!

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