Friday, August 10, 2012


Have you ever spent hours and hours and hours working out a complicated new project, making sure your measurements are 100% accurate, the piecing directions are spot on, maybe even going so far as to chart out all the cutting instructions in Excel {I know ... don't ask ...} just to make sure it's all correct ... to finally sit back and realize that there was a freakin' MUCH easier and simpler way to go about the whole thing!

That was my epiphany last night ... or should I say this morning at 12:15AM!  So this morning, I'm heading back to the drawing board.  I did make a big pan of this amazing baked oatmeal this morning - found the recipe on pinterest earlier this week - to help ease back into things.  It's so yummy ... and only 6 WW points for a giant serving!  I definitely {highly} recommend it!

Photo & Recipe via Emily Bites!

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