Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February AYOS finish

This month's AYOS project was I.S.T.H. aka "Insert Snappy Title Here":

photo courtesy of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.
Apparently, there's something about this quilt pattern that renders it un-namable, since I couldn't come up with a name either!  So here's my "project":

I had such a hard time getting started this month that I gave up on the idea of making a full quilt, and just made a table runner instead.  I opted to use four interior stars, rather than three, just to give it some extra length.

Because the runner is so skinny, I felt like there wasn't a ton of room at either end for a checkerboard pattern, so I went for solid borders, and used my light tonal prints for checkerboard setting and corner triangles.

I finished the runner with some echo quilting around the stars.  I really wish I had planned this part better, though - when I started quilting, I didn't realize that the outer star tips would be touching, and as my hubby so sweetly pointed out, not all the tips match up.  Thanks honey.  It's not off enough that you could notice it from a galloping horse, as one of the gals in my quilting group says, so I'm not going to rip it out and re-sew it ... yet.  We'll see if it {still} bothers me in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to swing by A Quilting Life and Pink Pincushion to see the rest of the parade!

OH! And I almost forgot - I didn't share Mom's AYOS picture today ... because she started her own blog!  You can visit her at

Happy Sewing!

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