Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 Goals and the like

I know that we're already halfway through the month of January, but to be honest, this post has been several weeks in the making.  So many of my favorite bloggers announced out their word for the year on January 1st, but it has taken me two weeks to come up with mine, probably because 2012 is going to be a very different year for me.  My biggest change for the year is my transition from working full time in a very high-stress position to being at home full time.  I feel like I finally have the opportunity to stop and smell the proverbial roses and so I decided to pick a bit of a selfish word for 2012:


I'm going to enjoy watching Aiden grown and learn ... I know that we have so many "firsts" this year that will be gone before we know it.  I'm going to enjoy my new little family and all of the adventures we have ahead of us.  I'm going to enjoy being a stay at home wife and mother.  I going to enjoy good wine and even better friends.  I'm going to enjoy my creative processes and not rush through them or simplify my projects just to finish on a deadline.  I'm going to enjoy sewing - not only my own designs, but your designs too, so that I can continue practice and growing in my craft.  I'm going to enjoy buying a little bit of new fabric, but also spending time re-discovering all the beauties I have in my stash!  Lastly, I'm going to enjoy all the trips and side-trips, rather than focusing on the destinations.

So, with that being said, here is a very fluid list of goals for the year.  Now, my hubby will be the first to tell you that I always make bigger, more complicated goals than I can ever hope to accomplish in the time I give myself.  Maybe a better way to describe this list is as a list of hopes for 2012!  I know right now that I won't finish 100% of these, but when I'm looking to start a new project, this will be a great jumping off point.
  • Make a Christmas quilt for my family to snuggle under and enjoy.  I'm thinking maybe Swoon made with Kate Spain's Flurry collection
  • Finish my 2011 Designer Christmas BOM blocks ... all three sets ... and then actually sew them together into quilts
  • Publish at least 12 patterns in 2012
  • Make a quilt for ME!
  • Make a quilt for the four (so far!) little souls coming into the world this year: one in April, one in June, and two in July!
  • Finish the quilt I started for my mother-in-law TWO Christmases ago
  • Make a quilt for my sweet little cousin who is turning 16 this April!! -- Boy do I feel old!  When Aiden was born she was only one year old than I was when she was born!
  • Have some fun with some little projects like mug rugs and such
  • Make some nice handmade Christmas gifts for friends and family
What is your word for 2012 and what are some projects you're hoping to accomplish?

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Michelle said...

I too have been following several blogs with "words". One that really resonated with me is Nourish (I found this explanation really inspiring:

Great list of goals/hopes, I have been thinking of some for myself but have yet to write any down. This post has given me the push to get some down on paper. Thanks!

Wow - looks like 2012 will be another banner year for babies. I just found out about Nancy this morning, do I know the others?