Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stash and "5 Boxes" update

I didn't realize how long it's been since I've posted my stash update and the status of my 5 little boxes - yikes!

Stash Update: Sept. 18th through Nov. 4th, 2010
Used: 10.96 yards on Puppy Dog Tails, Cherish, and an autumny wall-hanging with matching table runner to be revealed soon!

Purchased: 18.78 yards, of which 12.5 will be used on super secret Christmas gifts and 4 yards was already used on Puppy Dog Tails.

YTD:  + 61.06 yards  ... good thing we get to start over in January!!

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5 Boxes Update

Boxes # 1 and #2:  Sorry to disappoint, but these two boxes contain super-secret Christmas WIP's.  I may post some sneak peaks over the next few weeks as the projects, but that's all the detail I can divulge at the moment!

Box #3 has been dedicated to my month Le Petite projects.  While October's Le Petite hasn't been bound yet (and thus, can't be counted as a bust yet), it's time to move on.  November's pattern is Butter Churn by This and That Patterns.  I've decided to make this into a wall hanging, but I can't decide whether to continue destashing (like I did for October's project) or to order that Awesome by Sandy Gervais layer cake.  We'll see

Box #4 still holds the pieces to my Country Inn quilt.  I've made absolutely no progress on it whatsoever, but I love it and can't put in on the shelf just yet.

Box #5 is currently empty.  Technically, it should be holding the 4 or so unfinished Fat Quarter Shop BOM shipments that really need to be completed ... but I'm going to leave it empty in case any surprise inspiriation comes my way!

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