Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gypsy Rose, and Verna, and Eden, Oh My!

Spring has finally hit the Sacramento Valley -- Hooray!!  I was actually able to wash my car in capris and a tee-shirt after work today.  While the sun and the warm(-ish) weather may only last through the weekend, I think I may have caught spring fever, heightened even more by today's arrival of ...

2 Charm Packs of each!  I'm so excited that they're here, because that means my two new patterns for spring, Sweet Irish Rose and English Rose Garden -- originally done in Gypsy Rose --  are ready for testing ... and soon will be ready for you!

Last weekend, I finally managed to finish my Allspice Tapestry Baby Quilt.  Pictures will be coming tomorrow when I can take advantage of the sunlight, but in the meantime, here are the latest stash numbers:

March 5th -March 18th Fabric Stash Report
Used: 1.86 - Hooray
Purchased: 1.78 - an equally hearty Hooray!
YTD: +15.77

Not much progress, but my last dose of the crazy medication is tonight, so my evening quilting hours will be back!  Double Hooray!

While waiting for my new charm packs to arrive, I started  a baby quilt using one of my old favorite patterns called "Stars of My Heart" from Fons & Porter's For Love of Quilting Magazine (Jan/Feb 2009)

I've made the quilt block several times in the past, but after receiving the Fons & Porter Super Flying Geese  Ruler for Christmas, I had to try it again.  My flying geese blocks still aren't 100% perfect but this ruler definitely is a big help in cutting more accurate pieces!  This time, I'm using some nice turquoise and white prints, so the finished quilt will be nice and springy!!
There won't be a ton of sewing going on after tonight, as my hubby has a BIG MILESTONE birthday on Saturday, and we'll be celebrating all weekend, but hopefully I can sneak a few pictures tomorrow in the sunshine.  Hope you have a great weekend!!

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