Thursday, July 26, 2012

Laissez le Robots Roulette!

Ok - I've seriously been procrastinating on my Robot Quilt!

March 2012
This quilt has been in the works since January!!  

April 2012

If Chandler Bing were here, he'd ask me, "Could you BE moving any slower?"

June 2012

The little man this is intended for made his grand entrance into the world Tuesday ... and we have the chance to swing by and visit next weekend!

July 2012
So, no more time for excuses!  It's time to finish the last two columns and get this baby quilted!!  I have three more episodes of the Bachelorette to catch up on, and my little guy missed his nap this morning and just conked out ... so I have my fingers crossed for a productive afternoon.  No more excuses!!

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