Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Morning Goals

So ... a month of being away every single weekend has resulted in:
A) the whole family getting sick ... right as Aiden started trying to cut his first tooth ... so no sleep for anyone

B) a seriously neglected sewing machine (and sewing blog, for that matter)

C) a dusty house with bathrooms that need cleaning

D) a fridge/freezer so empty that we seriously thought about eating Mounds ice cream bars with Shock Top beer for dinner last night

E) all of the above, plus giant stacks of laundry that seem to be multiplying like bunnies

Did you guess E?  Aside from my New Growth Quilt-A-Long I haven't gotten much accomplished in the last few weeks, so I really enjoyed having some time over the weekend to regroup, reorganize, and make some sewing plans for the upcoming week!

Thanks to little man's awesome afternoon nap yesterday, I was able to finish the quilt top that uses Gigi's Thimble's Scrap Jar Stars tutorial.

I used Robot Factory by Caleb Gray for Robert Kaufman fabrics in my not-so-scrappy version - I'm calling it Scrap Metal Stars!  I'm loving the way this baby turned out and can't wait to start quilting it in the morning.

With luck, it'll be bound tomorrow evening - probably out on the back patio drinking Shock Top and eating ice cream bars - and ready by Wednesday to give to my friend, Christina, at her baby shower for little Elijah, due in early June.

If the quilting gods are smiling upon me, I'll manage to sew down the binding on Southern Belle as well, and finally get the quilt photographed for my pattern cover.

Hopefully that'll be ready to go by the end of the week too!  Once that's done, maybe I'll still have enough time to clean up my sewing table, and post my stash and five boxes update too!  Hopefully that's not being too over-ambitious!

I'm linking up with these sites this week - be sure to visit them to see what is on the agenda for the week out in blog land.
Happy Sewing!!


Chris said...

Love both of your quilts. BTW I go for option D. LOL

Sue Daurio said...

gorgeous quilts!! Love the scrappy stars with the little robots peaky out here and there, just adorable!