Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Well, despite my best efforts ...

... I didn't get any sewing OR organizing done yesterday.  I really have to blame it on all the wonderful blogs out there ... and pinterest.  Do you have the same problem I do?  Pinterest makes all the clocks in my house speed up 10x's!  I mean, I sit down for 10 minutes to browse when little man goes down for his morning nap ... and before I know it, two hours have gone by.  Holy cow!

I made a conscious effort to stay away from my computer (other than to flip on the newest Coldplay album for some groovy background music) and managed to complete five blocks for a new pattern I'm playing around with.

Sorry for the crummy picture - very cloudy out today and can't get my lighting right!
I've seen so many great Carpenter Star blocks out there in blog-land that I had to start playing around with my own.  My original intention was to use only a brown palette for this wallhanging.  Once I started cutting my fabrics, I decided that I needed a little bit of red thrown in, probably in the binding, to bring things together.  Now that I have four of these blocks made, I've decided that I definitely need some red stars thrown in for contrast.

I love it when quilts and patterns just kind of evolve while you sew them!  I'm hoping to have more progress to share soon.  And, I'm liking this fabric combination so much that I might just use it for February's Schnibbles pattern!

Today is Fabric Tuesday over at Quilt Story.  Hop on over and check out all the great projects!

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