Monday, January 23, 2012

Well, it only took me four days ...

... but I've finally finished my first Swoon Along block!

Pattern: Swoon by Thimble Blossoms
Fabric: Flurry by Kate Spain for Moda
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After making my first block with four different colorways, I decided that four was just too many ... so I ripped it apart (before remembering to take a picture) and reassembled it using just three prints/colorways.  I'm rather happy with the results and think that a solid red sashing is going to do a lot to anchor the quilt.  Unfortunately several days of rain have prevented better pictures.

How many soon blocks have you made so far?  I'm wondering if my little guy will nap long enough for me to make another one!!

Here is block #2:

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To be honest, I'm not really thrilled with this block at all.  I'm really hoping that it will look better once it's surrounded by prettier squares.  Since I've already pulled recycled most of these squares from my first, failed attempt, I'm worried that pulling them apart a second time will render them too warped to use again.

What do you do with your "ugly duckling" blocks?  Do you leave them in your quilts to add character, set them aside and see if you have enough patience and/or fabric to replace them when you're done with the rest of the blocks, or do you just scrap them and move on?


Borderline Quilter said...

I usually wait till I have all the blocks made up and then see what they all look like...then if necessary pull out an offending block (later make into a cushion/pillow) and make another block that sits better in the design...this size of block will make a good floor cushion....

But actually I think onece you have all your blocks finished this one will look just fine!

Best Wishes
Kay in Scotland

Erica said...

Love your Swoon blocks made with Flurry - such a great line and so crisp and wintry against the white. Looks great.